Chapter Ten: Would you take the oath of office with aspects like these?

Looking at this chart, if I had just been elected President of the United States in 2020, I would rather resign than take the oath of office.

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Squares (the 90-degree angle) can create obstacles and conflict. What do they tell us in this chart?

  1. Pluto has a close conjunction to the midheaven, and they are both square Eris and the moon. Pluto takes things to extremes and rules power struggles and hidden, underhanded behavior. Eris is discord and the midheaven is the country’s leader.
  2. Mars (action) and Uranus (sudden and unexpected events, such as accidents) are forming a conjunction. It is only one-twelfth of a degree from exact. That close orb makes this potentially explosive aspect very powerful.
    Abe Lincoln’s second inaugural chart had Mars and Uranus forming a wide conjunction in the 12th house. Lincoln was assassinated less than two months later. The 12th house rules hidden enemies.
  3. Using Solar Arc Direction, Mars and Uranus will complete making squares with Jupiter in less than one year. The new administration will be anxious to start major changes. They will rush things due to overconfidence (Mars square Jupiter). Some of their proposed changes will be a little extreme and unusual (Uranus square Jupiter).
  4. Saturn will complete its squares with Mars and Uranus in about two years. That’s when difficulties and delays will increase. Mars and Uranus won’t just sit there—they will counterattack and try to crack down on the opposition.
  5. The moon is Void of Course. That means the moon will not make aspects to any other planet until it moves into the next sign. One of the meanings of a Void Moon is nothing comes of the matter. It can also mean that whatever the administration accomplishes in this time won’t last.

Gerald Ford took the oath of office on a Void Moon. His administration was famous for accomplishing...well, nothing.

Barack Obama also took the oath of office on a Void Moon. His main accomplishment was Obamacare, which has been torn to shreds. Most of his other accomplishments were achieved through executive order. These were eliminated by the Donald Trump administration.

Joe Biden may not complete his full term in office. In that case, Kamala Harris would become president and the horoscope would change depending on when she would take the oath of office. Hopefully, that new horoscope will have better aspects.

In any event, the country is in for another tumultuous four years.

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